REVIEW: The Nesting Place

The subtitle of Myquillyn Smith's The Nesting Place is "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." I finally got around to reading her book after being a longtime fan of her blog because I feel like the inverse has been true in my home for a while now. "It doesn't have to be beautiful to be perfect." could be my design mantra. Let's just say that after having two kids in three years plus working full time, our house has become a bit functional.

I appreciated Myquillyn's encouragement to just try a few things rather than worry about what will happen if I mess it up. I really loved all of her beautiful pictures. I think I've seen most of them on her blog, but I enjoyed having them all in one place. I'm frustrated that the thrift stores near me don't sell chairs for $20 that I can recover to look awesome. I'll keep looking though.

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