Books about gardening for mud season

We've had some warm days this month, and the temptation to go outside and plant something is strong. It's a fool's errand though. Anything I plant will just drown in the wet soil, and more mud will end up on my shoes than on the ground. Here's what I'm reading until it's safe to work in the garden.

The Food Lover's Garden by Angelo Pellegrini - this is an old book that doesn't read like an old book. If you love to grow vegetables it's worth seeking out.

The 100 mile diet made popular by Plenty and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle isn't as popular as it once was, but these books are worth going back to.

The Backyard Homestead will make you want to plow your lawn, and grow paw-paws, tree nuts, and all sorts of other crazy things. That's not a bad thing!

What are your favorite books about gardening?

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