REVIEW: 10% Happier by Dan Harris

It was no surprise that I really liked the audiobook version of Dan Harris's 10% Happier. It focused on some of my favorite themes: mindfulness, habit formation, and not being an a-hole. Plus it was read by the author who is a newscaster, and naturally has a great speaking voice. I recommend it to anyone who wants to do the hard work of not expecting to solve all of your problems, but learning how to handle them better.

Here's a part I loved that's not on the dust jacket. The title 10% Happier seems to be Dan Harris's way of explaining how he uses meditation in two words. Picture yourself at a family reunion telling an opinionated relative that you've started meditation. "What do you want to do that for? Are you going to grow your armpit hair? Why do you want to be weird?" your relative might ask. "I do it because it makes me 10% happier." you could reply. It's is complete brilliance to come up with a two word explanation of something that is important to you that others may judge, and I am going to brainstorm ways to copy it right away.

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