Cursed Child - 5 Things

I flip flopped between wanting to stand in line at midnight for Cursed Child, and wanting to pretend it was never published. I didn't want to spoil my feelings about the Harry Potter series, and initial reviews were not encouraging. Finally I got it from the library, and on a dark and stormy night I stated reading. I was done within twenty-four hours. I have too many disconnected thoughts to do a full review, but here are five thoughts.

  1. Draco Malfoy is a really good dad, and his son is pretty cool too.
  2. Harry never seemed to leave the self-centered teenage funk he entered somewhere around The Order of the Phoenix. I guess one can't be left to die to save the world by your mentor and surrogate father and grow up completely normal. He did save the world though, so we all forgive him for it.
  3. I didn't pay too much attention to timelines, what made sense, etc, etc. I did love being back in the wizarding world again.
  4. Professor McGonagall is still alive!
  5. Hermione is Minister for Magic, but I didn't see her doing jack for the house elves. Wasn't that, like, her whole platform?

Have you read it? What did you think?

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