The Saga of my TBR


My main bookish goal from 2017 was to reduce the size of my TBR list from 363 to 300. It looked like I was going to do it too. I read a lot of books this year, and weeded out the books from my TBR that I figured were never going to get read. Then I really started using the Litsy app, and discovered a search function on my library's website that showed which books were getting a lot of holds. A few 2018 book challenges, and going through my bookshelves and finding a stack of books I own, but have never read...

Today I forced myself to do a year end accounting, and tallied up all of the books I had on my to read list on Litsy, and on my holds list at the library, and added them in to my LibraryThing TBR. 

I'm up to 427 books on my TBR.

So, I very enthusiastically failed my reading goal this year. The good news is I have 427 books to choose from in 2018. My goal remains the same as in 2017- get my TBR back under 300 books.

My new toy

In early December someone broke the window in my car and stole my work bag. They got my library book, some dirty tupperware, and unfortunately, my phone and wallet. They caused me many, many problems. (I can deal with financial issues, but I had to go to the library and tell them I lost a book! Besmirching my good name at the library is not cool.)

The only good part about all this is that I got a new phone with room for apps! I finally got to join Litsy! I'm Bookwormjillk over there if you're on too. I loved Instagram when I joined it earlier this year, but this may have it beat.

What other book related apps do you like?